Trust calls for fans to attend council meeting and support stadium plans

trust_logoTrustSTFC is calling on its members and Swindon Town fans generally to rally round to lobby councillors prior to Today`s council meeting.

The meeting will discuss two “blocking motions” designed to prevent further discussion of the club`s proposed new stadium plan, just days after the club unveiled significant modifications to the original proposals to meet objections encountered during the consultation period.

“Whatever the rights and wrongs of the club`s proposals, it is surely right that they be discussed in a proper democratic fashion, rather than any debate being simply stifled”, stated TrustSTFC Chairman Andy Ratcliffe. “That is what these motions aim to do – to prevent the people of Swindon being able to debate the proposed new stadium on it`s own merits. We believe these blocking motions represent a fundamentally undemocratic piece of short-term political opportunism, which, if passed, will bring disgrace on Swindon Borough Council. So far the debate on this issue has been entirely one-sided, it is time the fans` voice was heard!”, added Ratcliffe.

Therefore, TrustSTFC are urging their members and all Swindon Town fans to:

email or write to their councillors as a matter of urgency, urging them to reject these undemocratic motions
Attend the council offices from 6.30 on Thursday to take part in “lobbying” councillors on behalf of Town fans everywhere. All fans that do attend are asked to wear their Town shirts – lets make the council chamber a sea of red! NB we understand that spaces in the public gallery are limited, so fans are advised to get there early.
In addition, TrustSTFC is urgently attempting to contact council leader Mike Bawden, seeking to address the meeting on behalf of the many thousands of Town fans who, we should not forget, are also council taxpayers and voters!