Stadium plans thrown into chaos

newsletter7Swindon Town`s plans for a new stadium were thrown into chaos last night after the local council voted to reaffirm their policy of turning the former landfill site at Shaw into a community forest.

Pleas from the club, the Trust, and fans generally for the vote to be deferred until councillors had at least given the clubs modified plans some consideration fell on deaf ears, and the motion was carried by a huge majority.

The vote will be a major blow to the club after putting considerable time and effort into the proposals, they will almost certainly now have to look for an alternative site, or resign themselves to continuing to eke out an existence at the County Ground.

Director Bob Holt told Radio Swindon, :”It is going to be a bitter disappointment for us all. I find I`m just a bit shocked really that we weren`t allowed to put in a proper proposal, but the council must do what they feel fit with the land.”