Safe Standing Campaign

standing Despite the conversion of almost all Football grounds to seating in recent years, many fans still prefer to stand when given the choice. The Safe Standing campaign aims to bring about the re-introduction of standing areas to football grounds to give supporters more choice, improve spectator safety, improve the atmosphere at grounds, and make football more affordable for the ordinary supporters.

Safe standing areas are not the same as the terraces of the past. Modern safe standing areas have an advanced design that ensures the safety of all spectators while still allowing supporters who prefer to stand during the game to exercise their choice. The following picture shows a safe standing area at Werder Bremen in Germany.

Safe Standing area at Werder Bremen
The future of Swindon Town FC rests at least in part on either a redevelopment of the County Ground, or developing a new stadium out of Town. The Supporters Trust believes it is important to address the issue of safe standing areas at an early stage so that supporters’ views can be taken into account when development plans are being prepared. To this end, the Trust conducted a survey of Swindon supporters to find out their views on the introduction of safe standing areas. The results are shown below.

For Safe Standing :        89%
Against Safe Standing:        11%
For more information about safe standing, please visit the Safe Standing website
Update 16th April 2004

With the recent news that the club is seeking to move to a new purpose built stadium on the Shaw Tip site in the Town, now is the time for supporters who wish to see safe standing areas incorporated into the new design to make their views known. To this end an online petition has been created which can be viewed and signed by clicking on this link