Quotes about Supporters Trusts

“Without the fans the game is nothing. What would be the point?…That passion, that commitment, that devotion. It cannot be bought and it certainly should not be cashed in. It needs to be rewarded, invested in and nurtured. For me that’s what Supporters’ Direct is all about.”

Sir Alex Ferguson
“Football clubs belong more to their supporters than their shareholders. Some people may have bits of paper to say they own a clubs’ assets – stadium, training ground, brand – but the heart and soul of every club is the property of its fans”

Andy Burnham MP

“Football supporters hold the key to football’s future. They are the game’s greatest assets, the people who pay the ticket prices, TV subscriptions, and buy the merchandise. They keep the game in business. Where clubs have been in crisis, they have more often than not been saved by their supporters – and emerged all the stronger for it”

Chris Smith MP