New Stadium


It has long been the case that Swindon Town FC have wanted to secure their own future by means of a new stadium development. At least in theory, such a move would benefit the club by improving facilities for spectators, raising capacity, and allowing the club to make money from the stadium on more than just match days.

Previous proposals have always fallen by the wayside, most recently the Terry Brady consortium’s intention to build a new stadium on the Front Garden. Now, however, the present board of the club have announced their intention to build a new stadium in partnership with the local council and developers St Modwen Properties Plc, as part of a sports village on the former landfill site at Shaw.

The aim of these pages is to provide Trust members and other interested parties with the basic information needed to decide if the proposals are in the best interests of the club and the local community. At a Trust meeting on 2nd June 2004, members voted narrowly in favour of the Trust backing the proposed scheme.

The proposed site
Background to St Modwen Properties Plc
The objections
Questions & Answers
Minutes of Trust members meeting to decide Trust policy on the new stadium

TrustSTFC are keen to see a healthy debate about the issues surrounding the new stadium. A new section has been added to our discussion forums to deal specifically with new stadium issues. These pages can be viewed by clicking on this link. Have your say