Loan Fund

Loan Note Scheme

A key aim of the Swindon Town Supporters Trust is to purchase additional shares and invest in Swindon Town Football Club. That is why the Swindon Town Community Mutual Loan Notes Issue (the “TrustSTFC Loan Fund”) is a key part of our efforts. The terms and conditions of the loan fund are set out in a legal document, a copy of which can be obtained from the Trust Office. You are advised to look at this document before taking out a loan.

The minimum contribution to the Loan Fund is £250 (one “Loan Note”). This figure has been chosen in the hope of raising the maximum amount of money possible. The contribution will be in the form of an interest free loan with no fixed date for redemption. The scheme is only open to members of the Trust will be able to purchase Loan Notes in £250 denominations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Loan Fund.

Once the funds generated by the Loan Fund have been invested in Swindon Town Football Club, there will be procedures under which loans can be repaid in future, However, the number that can be redeemed will be severely limited and will be dependent on the Trust having sufficient funds to do so. In any event, the Trust will never be obliged to repay any loans. It is unlikely you would be able to get your money back at least for the foreseeable future.

While £250 is the minimum figure, we hope that many fans will contribute more than this to the Loan Fund. The best incentive, of course, is the more you contribute the bigger the investment we, the fans, will have in our football club. If you can afford to contribute more than £250, we urge you to do so. Loans can only be made in multiples of £250 (you cannot, for example loan £350).
When the TrustSTFC Loan Fund has raised a substantial amount of money (the timing of this will be left to the judgement of the Trust board), we plan to enter into negotiations to buy shares and invest in the club.

The full rules of the Loan Note scheme may be read here

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