Fans urged to back Stadium plan at council vote.

stfclogoSwindon chairman Willie Carson and chief executive Mark Devlin have both called on the club`s fans to attend this Thursdays council meeting to show their support for the clubs plans for a new stadium at Shaw.

Two motions to be debated at the council meeting which, if successful, would torpedo the club`s revised plans before they have even had a chance to submit them to the planners. At a press conference yesterday, Carson made a plea for the modified proposals to at least receive a fair hearing, a plea that was echoed by TrustSTFC in an open letter to Swindon council.

Speaking to the club web site after the press conference, Carson called for the club`s supporters to turn out at the meeting to show the level of support for the plans. He said :`Maybe every Swindon Town fan should turn up to the meeting on Thursday and welcome all the Councillors in?`

Devlin also called for fans support saying :`I think that the forces of people have been against this have been well mobilized and perhaps some of our own fans could attend the public meeting on Thursday, to which they are entitled to go, and make their views known there. Clearly we are aware of the other side of the coin and now is the time for our fans to be heard.`

If you wish to show your support for the club`s plans there are things you can do :-

If you are a Swindonite, please lobby your local councillor:
Attend the meeting at the council offices in Euclid Street at 7:00pm this Thursday:
Email each of the party leaders stating your support for the new stadium
The email addresses for the local party leaders are :-

Mike Bawden (Conservatives)
David Nash (Labour)
Wendy Johnson (Lib Dems)